What our customers are saying


"In May 2017 I was at my heaviest weight (pregnancies included) I was sad and ready to make a change. My sister in law and I saw a post on FB for “Happy Hour Yoga” it was $5 and if we took the class, we got a free drink at the local brewery! Sounded like a win, win to us! What I didn’t expect, was that this studio would become the place that I found myself again. I fell in love with the beauty of this studio, the relaxed atmosphere and the scent of lavender, it has given me the opportunity to spend time with myself. To push myself, to remember that I deserve this time to take care of my mind and my body. This studio has helped me to be a better mom, wife, friend, and employee. All the while, helping me lose 30 pounds and gain confidence! This studio gets more than five stars for me! "

-Alyssa R.

"I am a 43 year-old man who has been struggling with chronic back pain for years. Eventually the pain spread to my legs, feet and toes, and interfered with my daily life. It seemed as if everything I did caused pain.  I had x-rays and MRIs done, saw numerous doctors and specialists, and did plenty of research on my own.  Yoga was recommended almost everywhere I turned, but I never thought it would be a good fit for me.  I tried multiple rounds of physical therapy, different exercise programs, as well as medications and back injections. None of it proved to be highly successful or sustaining. The last doctor I visited was a spinal surgeon who felt that I was a good candidate for surgery.  But in order to do everything I possibly could, before giving in to surgery, I decided to finally try the goofy yoga thing. That was almost a year ago, and I can confidently say, thanks to Yoga, pain is no longer a problem. I am back to enjoying life and am a lot less grouchy now. All of the instructors at Yoga on Main are excellent coaches.  They make you feel comfortable and allow everyone to work at their own pace. The space is very calming and tranquil. I have learned that yoga is not simply a meditating stretch routine.  It is a great full-body exercise that includes resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, helps with flexibility, and doesn't jar the body like so many other activities do. And there is no better place to go than Yoga on Main.  It's great for all levels, is reasonably priced, and every instructor is excellent.  I am hooked (but still refuse to buy yoga pants)!"

-Justin C.

"Wow! This place is amazing. For months I doctored with a pain on my right side until finally they recommended going to physical therapy. Totally disgusted after my doctors appointment my co-worker suggested I come to the Yoga on Main grand opening. Since that day I never went back to physical therapy and my pain is gone. The staff is wonderful! I just wish i could get my husband to join me and see the benefits of yoga."

-Heather T.

"Everything about this yoga studio is amazing! The space is beautiful, comfortable and relaxing. The caregivers in the childcare are so kind, and its a great space for the kids/babies. Each of the instructors are amazing and every class I've had has exceeded my expectations!"

-Hannah, 5 star review on FB

"I can only begin to tell you how much of a positive impact practicing yoga has made in my life; I am stronger, more balanced as a person, it has helped me lose weight, and am far more flexible than I have been since I was a little kid (trust me, I left my 30's more than a few squares back!).  I started as a complete beginner at Yoga on Main when they opened in July 2017.  I have never practiced yoga before and now attend classes once a week.  The well appointed studio is great and the staff has been fantastic.  All instructors are happy to share their knowledge to help you improve your practice.  I would recommend Yoga on Main to anyone looking to begin or maintain a yoga practice."

-Andrew S.

"Yoga on Main is everything you would expect and want when practicing power yoga. The studio is clean and inviting.  The practice space is heated, roomy and peaceful.  Mats, blocks and towels are provided if you don't have your own.  The staff is friendly and their passion for yoga is contagious.  I would recommend Yoga on Main to anyone and am very thankful I can practice here! "

-Sara F.