Meet our Staff



 Founder and Owner of Yoga on Main I am simply here to share my passion for yoga with others. I first stumbled into a power yoga class  about 12 years ago as a way to compliment my marathon training and have been hooked ever since. I have fallen in love with the transformative benefits that comes with such a physically demanding practice.

I completed my first power yoga training with Amazing Yoga. I then went on to deepen my own personal practice and enhance my knowledge by completing South Hills Power Yoga Teacher Training. I also have completed a teacher training with the Baptiste Institute and am currently working on receiving my 500 RYT certification. 

When I’m not on my mat I am a wife and SAHM to my daughters Adalynn and Teagan. I am both humbled and honored to be able to share this beautiful and life changing practice with you.  



Harley found her love of power flow yoga 5 years ago and decided to share this passion with others. Harley has received her 200 hour power flow teacher training through salt power yoga. Along with yoga Harley has a passion for helping others, she works full time as a physical therapist assistant in pediatrics. In her free time she loves spending it outdoors kayaking, hiking as well as relaxing with her one year old fur baby cat Glinda. 



Namaste! My name is Kim. I completed Ashtanga-Vinyasa teacher training in 2015. Shortly after that I received my certification for Rocket yoga in Cincinnati.

I was brought to yoga through my personal practice of mediation and Zen Buddhism and just wanted to learn more about the physical side of something I had read so much about. Also, I was a long distance runner... enough said, right! I needed BALANCE.

I absolutely love teaching yoga and am so glad the universe has lead me down this path.



Practicing various forms of yoga since 2007, I realized early on that no other form of exercise made me feel (and sweat) the way a vinyasa yoga class did.  For many years, I loved it for the physical benefits, but it was when my family moved to Florida in 2014 that I understood the mental and emotional grounding that can come along with a very physical practice. Yoga has played a significant role in teaching me how to take care of myself, so I am able to be my best for others. Completing my teacher training certification through Amazing Yoga, I am humbled to share my passion for yoga and will work to build my knowledge so I can offer you the best experience each and every time. Outside of yoga, I am a full-time mom to a very fun and energetic little boy. I love indoor cycling, traveling, cooking and spending time with my husband and our extended families.  



Hi! My name is Melissa and I am a certified Buti Yoga instructor. After being diagnosed with a chronic health condition in 2005, I turned to yoga and soon realized its many benefits for both the body and mind. I started practicing traditional Ashtanga and soon found my flow in Vinyasa and Power Yoga.  In early 2018 I discovered Buti Yoga and knew right away that I needed to share this incredible practice with the world!  Buti is anIndian Marathi word that means “the cure hidden within.” It is well known that our bodies hold stress and trauma deep in our fascia, or connective tissues. This practice comes from the belief that we have the ability, within ourselves, to release this stored trauma. Through primal movement, tribal dance and ancient yoga techniques, Buti Yoga helps you tap into your inner power and confidence and it has changed my life! I certified in Buti this past April, during an amazing three-day weekend. I plan to obtain my 200 YTT within the next year in hopes of teaching other various styles of Vinyasa based yoga. As a busy wife and mom, off my mat I am either spending time with my family, working my day job managing apartments or teaching Kindermusik.



Like most, I was initially drawn to practice yoga because of the physical benefits. In college, I loved the cardiovascular and strength building challenges of a hot yoga class. After an injury, I loved the ease of a restorative practice. While into weightlifting, I am able to increase my flexibility and mobility by incorporating yoga into my weekly routine. As my physical practice has developed throughout the years, I began noticing that I was also gaining a deeper sense of awareness. “Yoga is therapy”, they say. I was starting to understand. During the 60 minutes I carve out of my day I was allowing myself to tune into my body and turn off the chatter in my mind. I started to apply things that I learn on my mat to real life situations - balance for example; control and surrender, confidence and humility, strength and flexibility. I attended my yoga teacher training in Costa Rica in the spring of 2019. Now, as both a student and a teacher, I view and share yoga as a way to grow and thrive physically, mentally and emotionally. I’m excited to share my passion for this practice with you all. Let’s have fun and get inspired! Namaste 



Hi, I'm Amber. Butler City Native. I'm excited to bring my love and passion of buti yoga to our community. Buti yoga has been an imperative part of my journey. This practice is not only a way to express yourself through movement but it challenges you physically mentally and emotionally. Through this movement we allow ourselves to be our primal authentic self, releasing judgements and moving with music in a tribe-like flow. Buti has helped me in my own healing  and has given me the strength to dig deep in my own self awareness. Buti, a marathi indian word, meaning a cure hidden deep within. The cure is you already have the power and everything you need to shape your life. You just have to awaken it. When I'm off the mat you can find me hiking and hugging trees with my family. I'm a nature lover, earth worshiper, garden loving mama. I love working with crystals, meditation, tarot, music, & dance. I'm a caretaker at our local hospital, I love taking care of others and inspiring others to be our best selves. Let's lift eachother up. I'm excited to bring this healing movement to our community! Love and light!